Hi,  I'm Nathalie!

I teach art in Medway, Kent

Artist * Art Teacher

Stained-glass Crafter * Graphologist

Learn how to improve your skills and stimulate your creativity.

My 30 year experience in teaching, drawing, painting and stained-glass has made me encounter and work with many people from various ages, origins and backgrounds. I just love teaching and make you enjoy your learning process with confidence.

Self-investment, patience and mindfulness are the keys for a successful learning process, and I focus helping you in your creative journey.

As an associate member of the BAAT, and a hand-writing analyst (graphologist), I keep myself updated about the therapeutic aspect of art. I also attend regularly workshops to keep me updated in my personal and professional practice. All these tools help me tailor my teaching to your needs based on the sole idea that we can all learn and relax at the same time.

I really enjoyed teaching at the Kent Adult Education Centre of Dartford and Gravesend for three years, but I now focus on my bespoke art tuitions which I have been running since 2013. I just love teaching based on your needs and expectations !


I am bilingual in English and French. I can offer art classes in French if needed. I can also help a little in Dutch and Spanish.


1/ Art Groups for adults and also for both “Adult & Child” in Medway- Kent
2/ Private art classes for adults, children, home schooled children (drawing, painting - and stained-glass for adults)
3/ Assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
4/ Illustrator for your projects to be discussed & I can help for your personal events either personal or professional.

VOUCHERS for birthday presents or other, please ask.


In groups, I focus my teaching on giving a bespoke help based on your needs, pace and expectations.
During the classes, the mixed use of any traditional media will gradually help you discover your own technique and style. Experimentation is a common thread within the class that everyone is enjoying. You will also learn about art history which will enhance your understanding and feeling of Art. And through practice, you will see how amazing the process is, and you will witness your creativity improve.

It may be the best time of your life to try something new . Give yourself a "me time " and why not challenge yourself gradually within a very friendly group and personal guidance. You will improve your skills at your own pace, and learn from the variety of art works of the group. Just come and have a try.

There is a free taster for everyone for any art class in a group. This offer doesn't apply for private tuition. Please inquire for further details.

Whether, you already practice art but need help to improve, or you would like to try colours and textures but don't know where to start from, or you are an artist looking for how you could loosen up your brush stroke, just come along so we could discuss how I can help you.

In private tuition, I focus on your needs. It lasts for 1.30 hour or 2 hours which allows me to offer a specific progression to make your creativity come out of its shell. Learn at your own pace, any medium you wish (water-colour, acrylics, oil, soft pastel, pencils, charcoal). Classes can be held as a one off, or on a weekly/fortnight/monthly basis. It is very flexible.

You might consider a private tuition for various reasons :

  1. you are looking for a bespoke help, or you can’t attend the art classes but still want to learn tips and techniques in drawing and painting for your personal practice at a time that suits you. So I can offer you the possibility to learn in one to one and give you some guidance to practice from home.

  2. You may also consider to learn how to do a stain-glass pane which I can help you with, I can offer a one day workshop to cover all the stages from cutting glass to soldering lead. Material included.

  3. You want to gain self-confidence in your art making and wonder how to dare use colours and textures with a free and loose gesture. An introduction to mindfulness in your practice will help you to relax and enjoy the process.

  4. You want to understand why you feel stuck in your drawing or painting process. I can help you find out why and propose you specific exercises in order to make you find your own way in your art journey.

  5. You struggle from a lack of imagination, you just don’t know what to paint. I can help you find where your inspiration lies and unlock your own potential.

Whether I teach for adults or children, I focus on the importance of experimenting with various media, It is the best way to learn. I help you have access to your imagination and develop your creativity. I encourage self-expression through controlled and loosened gesture, shapes/textures/colours, and some technique which is introduced when needed.  All this helps you to find your personal stamp. I really focus on helping the learner develop with confidence his/her own artistic interpretation and expression.


Do you have a personal project that you would like to discuss about ? Just ask.

Here are a few examples for which I have contributed my knowledge and skills as an artist and art teacher :

Guidance to do and improve the illustrations of a personal book, Face and Body Painting, Guidance for a photographer who wanted to turn his photos into drawings, Help to build a portfolio from which the student was offered a place at College Study Graphic Design, Helping a student to fulfill a dream to decorate her house with her own paintings,  Bespoke Art and Craft Hen Party, Guidance to find the confidence and skills to be able to sketch sceneries on holidays, Bespoke exercises to help established artists to reconnect with their former confidence or push away the boundaries of their comfort zone, Bespoke help for an self-portrait in oil which happened to be a personal therapeutic journey, Guidance to help the personal stamp to be expressed, Guidance for a musician to paint pieces of music (let go, turn sounds into colours, texture and gesture ), Assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Private tuition for home schooled children, a 6 week art course at Holy Trinity CE Primary School at Gravesend for the staff to relax after their school day and learn new tips for their personal and professional practice with their pupils, art vouchers for North Kent Mind who help some people in their personal projects.

I would be more than happy to help you the way you wish either in drawing, painting, and stained-glass (traditional lead mounted).

You have given me confidence.
— Lin
I have learnt how to give the magic touch to my illustrations for the book I am writing.
— Roz
We all enjoyed the session with you tremendously and can’t wait for next week ! ... [Later at the end of the project] It was great having you at our school and working with staff. We’ve really enjoyed the time.
— D. at Gravesend