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At Strood (ME2).

From £45 -  Pay 3 to 6 weeks

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Explore and develop the art of drawing and sketching. Learn how to capture the essentials of the subject such as; form and perspective, volume and movement, feeling, tone, value and texture.

Learning to Sketch will guide you through the stages of creating observational drawings, using pencils, pens and inks. You will explore how to capture the essentials of the subject - the overall form and perspective, a sense of volume, movement and feeling, sometimes a suggestion of light and shade.

Learning to Draw will guide you in using various drawing instruments to mark paper. Instruments include graphite pencils, pen and ink, crayons, charcoal, chalk, pastels, inked brushes, etc ... You will try these different drawing implements on practice sheets to determine value and texture, and how to apply the implement to produce various effects.

Please, do join in even if the session has started !

Beginners & Improvers are welcome.

Earlier Event: December 12
Later Event: December 12
CHILDREN 12/12/16 - Pay as you Go -