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Day Workshop - KANDINSKY

KANDINSKI (1866 - 1944) - A Revolution in Painting

 At Strood (ME2), from 10 am to 3.30 pm.

£50 - Tea included & Free car park.

To subscribe, please contact us.


2 people minimum required to open the class.

Learn and experiment Kandisky 's Art theory-  "Point and Line to Plane".

After an introduction of Art history, and a study of Kandisky's art work, you will paint a picture based on the inner dynamic that Kandisky described in his book.

12.00/13.00 - Please bring your lunch. We will have a break to chill out and share our experience in a friendly atmosphere. Tea/Coffee & cake will be offered before going back to work !

Learning how to see and feel this movement based on an essential of our everyday life will help improve your art. This process teaches how to see differently and will inspire you in your own art.

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