Some projects ... a Portfolio, a Book,

new Technique, New skills, me-time, relaxation ...



... from my pictures.

Nathalie also took me from just using graphite pencils, to drawing in charcoal and even produce pictures from graphite dust.

An amazing lady who gave me the ability to draw and best of all how to enjoy the process. Her classes are a treat, friendly and welcoming all who I met where really helpful with advice and encouragement.

My only regret was that due to a house move I was unable to continue my classes with Nathalie, but thank you very much for the time we had and for all that you taught me."  


Learning to draw from ...

"It all started with my wife buying me a sketchpad and some pencils. Back in my younger days I did a lot of design drawing mostly straight lines and easy.

My first session took back to basics. Could I draw an apple, I could not, but by the end of the session I could produce something that looked like the object, with the help and patience of a good teacher.

From that first session I never looked back, I was able, with help, to produce reasonable good work, still life objects, sketches from photographs and even moving up to portraits.


Learning how to use oil painting

"Dear Nathalie

Just a short note to say thank you . Your tips and help gave me what I needed to begin painting using oils.

I need to do a lot of practice but I feel am progressing slowly.

You have pointed me in the direction I wanted to go.

I have attached a Gainsborough copy that I am fairly happy with.

- Martin"


A portfolio needed

Nathalie has taught me how to draw using various techniques. I have learnt so much from her and I have been offered a place at College Study Graphic Design.

I would really recommend her. She is very positive, friendly and passionate about art.

- Louis

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Illustrating my book

"I have always thought that books without pictures are pretty boring. So when I wanted to print my one and only, I needed to learn to draw ! It was black & white (& shades of) to begin with.

Now that I know I can draw, almost anything – I’m hooked! How ever did I manage without Nathalie – and wonderful things like ‘Smudgers’ and ‘Putty Rubbers’? Well, I didn’t! This year I hope to learn about adding colour.

Nathalie is exceptionally talented and innovative, not only at drawing & painting, but also with everything she does – like making a sculpture out of nothing more than a twig, good enough to put in an exhibition!

It is lovely that she wants to help others to fulfill their dreams and there is no doubt that something of her ability and enthusiasm rubs off onto all who know her.

So, Thank You Nathalie !! "

- Roz